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About Me( Ramjee Meena )

Hey, I'm Ramjee, IIT'ian by Degree and presently an Electrical Engineer by profession.

I am a Proud father of Two Sons { Devansh & Tashvik } and a daughter { Gargi } & fortunate enough to have Dr. Anju Meena as my Lovely and caring wife .

Since My Childhood Deep Down i have in My Heart & Soul a Passion to Serve as many peoples as possible with my talent ,time & treasurer in my Best capacity.

I believe that every person Can Serve others with TALENT, TIME or TREASURER { 3T } or with any of theme.

of course i am on a mission to create an army of 100000 Socialpreneurs who can truly identify their true purpose of being here in this world and help them to find their most potent power that is hidden within them & help them to build there vision greater then themselves. 

i am also the founder of Smile India Foundation where i am planning to create a whole eco system to foster and nurture such Socialpreneurs.

As of now i am trying to motivate as many people as possible to get the real education that is street smartness and develop themselves by getting more skilled on a daily basis { Because what i see is that Max PPL Consider the last day of college as the day of getting there hands of book or any other learning } .

For that i have personally Invested a lot of money to purchase different courses in bulk from Different Vendors and offer those courses Free of cost to those who are really serious to develop there skills and and grow themselves mentally, physically and Professionally.

This is one small part of my planning to develop this community { because From my Earning i have a dedicated 10% for this purpose...and i believe every body should have that mindset } . i believe that the universe is in need of more contributors and producers then consumers.

i am also continuously putting my efforts to tie up with other real life and Practical Educators to Help maximum of the people with there Contents. as of now, i have Purchased almost 100 Different courses in Health, Fitness, Spirituals and many other categories to offer to my Community of Socialpreneurs absolutely Free of Cost.


Can you think in terms of 3T

( Social contribution Tools )

      Concept .. Time, Talent and Treasurer...for more You can

      check with hashtag #ramjeetv 

  • watch video

  • Don't Forget to Carry a physical or an audio book with you wherever you go..

    ( it's difficult at start.. But becomes a beautiful habit.. You will love it... ( And dont worry... You can thank me later :) ) 

    If you spend most time in car.. Have a audio book in car.. Let's make your car a " Traffic university." .. Don't Get Affected by the external distrubances like traffic and boaring in the way.. 

    Establish a habit of measuring Daily task.. Just reflect for 5-10 mnts before bed time... 

    Note that : 

    Confidence = Time + Experience

    And write a journal daily...

    When try to hire some one for your work... Watch two thinks that is 2T


    First he should be trustable and second.. He or she should be trainable... 2nd is most important to me... And it includes your family members as well :)