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Can you think in terms of 3T

( Social contribution Tools )

      Concept .. Time, Talent and Treasurer...for more You can

      check with hashtag #ramjeetv 

  • watch video

  • Don't Forget to Carry a physical or an audio book with you wherever you go..

    ( it's difficult at start.. But becomes a beautiful habit.. You will love it... ( And dont worry... You can thank me later :) ) 

    If you spend most time in car.. Have a audio book in car.. Let's make your car a " Traffic university." .. Don't Get Affected by the external distrubances like traffic and boaring in the way.. 

    Establish a habit of measuring Daily task.. Just reflect for 5-10 mnts before bed time... 

    Note that : 

    Confidence = Time + Experience

    And write a journal daily...

    When try to hire some one for your work... Watch two thinks that is 2T


    First he should be trustable and second.. He or she should be trainable... 2nd is most important to me... And it includes your family members as well :)